100% american made quality denim

We will send you an e-mail message when your order has actually been shipped. Size and product availability is updated regularly, but sometimes we will be out of stock on an item for a short while. Rest assured your credit card will not be charged until we actually ship your order. We will let you know by e-mail or telephone if the product you ordered cannot be shipped promptly.

International Orders: Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail. International customers are responsible for C.O.D. Customs fees and taxes. Please allow extra time for your shipment to arrive. All prices listed for Diamond Gusset Jeans on our web site are quoted in US dollars. Your credit card company will adjust the amount you are charged according to the prevailing currency exchange rate.

We normally mail packages using USPS Priority mail and flat rate. Diamond Gusset charges $12.95 (unlimited quantity) to any location in the continental US. We charge $59.95 for all Canadian shipments. Overseas shipments will need to be ordered by phone at 1-888-8-Gusset.

Your tracking number will be provided along with your order email confirmation.