100% american made quality denim

Exchanges and Returns:

It is our normal policy that if you are dissatisfied with an item, you may return it within 30 days, provided it is in the original condition, with the original manufacturers tags attached, you have not washed or worn the item, and a copy of the receipt/order is included with the returned item(s). However, when multiple pairs of jeans are ordered, for the purpose of trying them on, we do not cover shipping costs to return unwanted item(s). Our standard policy for exchanges is to split the shipping expenses in half, so that the customer pays the return shipping and we pay to ship the new product out to the customer. In a situation where we make a mistake and send the customer the wrong size, we will then pay for all the shipping cost both ways. If a customer decides they do not like our product(s) and or they do not fit and the customer wants a refund, the shipping cost to return the unwanted item(s) is the customer’s responsibility. No item(s) will be accepted for the purpose of return/exchange after they have been altered. This includes hemming. All item(s) sent back for the purpose of return or exchange will be subject to a $10.00 cleaning fee if said items contain abnormal amounts of hair,dirt, or other foreign matter that puts said items in an unsellable condition.

Customer Feedback, Ratings and Testimonials

Yahoo Shopping tabulates our customer ratings and we have consistently scored well above average. Yahoo Shopping has awarded us their Top Service award every year since we began selling Diamond Gusset Jeans online in 1999.

Every Stitch Guarantee:

Diamond Gusset Jeans are covered by a 90 day materials and workmanship guarantee. If you believe you have a defective item, please return it to us, as outlined in our guarantee.