Loyal Customer

The American denim industry is in peril, and yes, I will admit this is a critical time for us and anyone else trying to do what we do. Early on I made a commitment to myself and our employees to do everything in my power to build our jeans in America. We all take great pride in how we have honored that commitment thus far. We believed in America and the American Worker, and we still do. It is as obvious to me now as it was back then that we made the right decision. Many times in our past this vision of ours seemed insurmountable yet we always found a way to survive, grow, and get better along the way. Heck, at times I allow myself to say "no one makes a better jean than we do".

But despite our confidence and the encouraging feedback we have received from our customer base, the fact still remains that the challenges are greater than ever before. It is likely you will be hearing or reading about the industry's demise as supported by the provided links below. Yes it's true, many small jean companies will be closing doors in 2018. The storm is fast approaching! However, I would like to conclude this letter by stating it is way too early to begin writing a Diamond Gusset obit. In fact, I feel excited and energetic just thinking about continuing the fight.

As we adapt to the changes and forge a path that will keep us American Made and better than the rest, we want you to know we sincerely appreciate your past loyalty and pray you will stick with us in the years ahead.


David Hall
Owner, Diamond Gusset Jean Co.


  • ● Hardware/Trim- Buttons, Burrs, Rivets. Location: Lawrenceburg, KY
  • ● Apparel Trims- Leather patches. Location: Athens, GA
  • ● Mill 1- Canvas and Denim: Location: Trion, GA
  • ● Mill 2- Pocketing Material. Location: Columbus, MS
  • ● *Mill 3- Denim. Location: *MEXICO
  • ● Fabric- DuPont Kevlar®: Location: Norristown, PA
  • ● Factory- Marking, Cut & Sew. Location: Cadiz, KY
  • ● Laundry- Wet Processing/Finishing/Packaging. Location: Hopkinsville, KY
  • ● Pattern Services- Location: Pelzer, SC
  • ● Thread- Location: Mt. Holly, NC
  • ● Print Collateral & Trims- Location: Nashville, TN